Seamless Synergy: Integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with S 4 HANA Leveraging SAP BTP Integration Capabilities

Seamless Synergy: Integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with S 4 HANA Leveraging SAP BTP Integration Capabilities

To solve these challenges, DigiFabster and Materialise have joined forces to integrate the DigiFabster eCommerce portal, automated quoting, costing, and payment automation solution with the Materialise CO-AM software platform. DigiFabster is a fully white-labeled eCommerce portal offering a machine learning-driven quoting system. DigiFabster’s machine learning helps manufacturers automate and accelerate quoting, saving time and costs. Their customers can provide quotes around the clock with a positive customer experience. Taxicabs can usually be found outside the major S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations, at the central station, the south station, the airport, the trade fair and in the crowded inner-city shopping streets. The common way to obtain a taxi is to either call a taxi operator or to go to a taxi rank.

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According to Shopping Index, in the year 2019 retail sites observed traffic about 35% from social media, while the orders surged by 52%. As a result, it is becoming essential for e-commerce players to enable customers to discover and engage with products and services on social media platforms. You want the right partner with the right technology model and business model to ensure success. With more than 15 years serving leading global retailers, Commerce Cloud is the world’s #1 enterprise cloud commerce platform with the trusted experience of deploying innovative, secure, scalable, intelligent, and extensible commerce solutions.

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This is a first but important step on Google’s journey to reach our goal of full electricity decarbonization by 2030. In September 2001, the first-ever German Google employee switched on their computer in Hamburg. Since then, we’ve grown to more than 2,500 employees in four offices across Germany. Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich have long been our home, and we continue to invest in the growth of the local economy.

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Commerce Cloud complies with the most challenging industry and regulatory standards and applies security best practices at all levels of the organization — including people, technology, and operations. With trust as priority number one, Commerce Cloud is continuously implementing robust security controls to ensure that commerce operations remain reliable, compliant, and secure. Imagine how much your business could grow on a platform that is always on, always secure, and always fast. The Commerce Cloud infrastructure is built with a grid computing architecture, designed by retail experts, and comprised of best-in-class network, storage, security, and management components.

Here are key differences between types of cloud solutions.

Due to its location at the northern tip of the Upper Rhine Valley in the Southwest of Germany, Frankfurt is one of the warmest and driest major German cities along with Darmstadt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Freiburg im Breisgau. Summers in Frankfurt can get quite hot when compared to the rest of the country. On average, it sees 62 days with a daily high temperature above 25 °C and 18 days with a high above 30 °C per year.

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Unified commerce is an upgraded version of omnichannel commerce, which creates a single comprehensive interface of customer profiles in real-time across the web, mobile, and other retailers’ operations. Moreover, our research team has furnished essential data to illuminate the manufacturer’s role within the regional and global markets. The European Central Bank (Europäische Zentralbank) is one of the world’s most important central banks. The ECB sets monetary global cloud commerce policy for the Eurozone, consisting of 19 EU member states that have adopted the Euro (€) as their common currency. From 1998 the ECB Headquarters have been located in Frankfurt, first in the Eurotower at Willy-Brandt-Platz and in two other nearby high-rises. The new Seat of the European Central Bank in the Ostend district, consisting of the former wholesale market hall (Großmarkthalle) and a newly built 185-meter skyscraper, was completed in late 2014.

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Besides, cloud-based solutions empower retailers to address the demands of customers with omnichannel shopping and delivery experience. Cloud commerce in grocery supports the specific needs of consumers such as weight-based prices, local delivery, and route-optimized delivery, among others. It also includes grocery-specific payment processes and customer loyalty processes. For instance, SAP SE offers Grocery Commerce Cloud specifically for the grocers. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry is also expected to witness significant adoption of cloud-based solutions to enhance the automation processes. Teamwork Commerce’s global Cloud Headquarters (CHQ) runs on Google Cloud, allowing retailers to house their data appropriately, depending on the location of their physical stores, to stay compliant with local laws and regulations.

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Moreover, it bridges the gap between customers and retailers and creates a connected network of business processes to serve digital commerce services. Such implementation of unified commerce is having a positive impact on the commerce related cloud applications in the market. North America market growth can be attributed to the availability of digital infrastructure and services, the adoption of digital platforms, robust innovation ecosystem, and advances in the Internet of Things. According to CipherCloud’s Cloud Adoption & Risk Report 2014, North American companies approximately on average used 68 analytics cloud applications. This data illustrates that there are substantial investments and infrastructure available for the adoption of cloud-based commerce applications across North America.


According to the European E-commerce Report 2019, the online shopping percentage of customers across European countries ranges from 22% to 88%. The report also states that B2C e-commerce growth in the region is forecasted to surge by 13% in 2019. The statistics show that the early adoption of cloud-based solutions has fueled this market growth in the region. Some of the cloud platforms offered by the market players include Commerce Cloud Salesforce, SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris), and IBM’s multichannel commerce software-as-a-service. These platforms are used by businesses to offer a complete shopping experience to the customers through various channels such as mobile, web, and social media sites. As a result, there is a growing demand for cloud-based solutions in the market owing to easy and scalable access to information.

  • Besides, cloud-based solutions empower retailers to address the demands of customers with omnichannel shopping and delivery experience.
  • This creates economic alignment and an incredibly motivating incentive between Commerce Cloud and its customers – ensuring the growth and success of all customers.
  • With 414,576 residents in 1910, it was the ninth largest city in Germany and the number of inhabitants grew to 553,464 before World War II.
  • Winters in Frankfurt are generally mild or at least not freezing with a small possibility of snow, especially in January and February but dark and often overcast.

This section also highlights the segments and reasons behind their progression or decline during the forecast period. Our insightful Cloud Commerce Software Market report incorporates Porter’s five forces analysis and SWOT analysis to decipher the factors influencing consumer and supplier behavior. In electronic music, Frankfurt was a pioneering city in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with renowned DJs including Sven Väth, Marc Trauner, Scot Project and Kai Tracid. One of the main venues of the early Trance music sound was the Omen nightclub from 1988 to 1998. Another popular disco club of the 1980s–1990s and a hotspot for Techno/Trance music was the Dorian Gray, which was located within Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport from 1978 to 2000. Further popular venues were the U60311 (1998–2012) and the Coocoon Club in Fechenheim (2004–2012).

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The new building complex was designed to accommodate up to 2,300 ECB personnel. The location is a few kilometers away from downtown and borders an industrial area as well as the Osthafen (East Harbor), It was primarily chosen because of its large premises which allows the ECB to install security arrangements without high fences. With a population of 763,380 (2019) within its administrative boundaries[32] and of 2,300,000 in the actual urban area,[33] Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany, after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Central Frankfurt has been a Großstadt (a city with at least 100,000 residents by definition) since 1875. With 414,576 residents in 1910, it was the ninth largest city in Germany and the number of inhabitants grew to 553,464 before World War II.

With the rise of e-commerce solutions, DigiFabster found that 80% of the time, buyers will work with the provider that delivers the first quote. Traditional order processing is a lengthy task via phone and email, often combined with scattered data in separate locations. This increases administrative overhead, causing service bureaus unnecessary costs.

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With Cast AI, Frayman and crew sought to build a tool that could automatically adjust cloud usage up and down while optimizing for cost and providing insights into how cloud resources — specifically Kubernetes clusters — were being actively provisioned. The intractable problem of keeping track of — and reducing — cloud spend spawned an entirely new market of tools, FinOps, designed to abstract away cloud orchestration and optimization tasks. Competition in the sector grows by the day, but one of the more successful ventures is Cast AI, which today announced that it raised $35 million in a Series B round led by Vintage Investment Partners with participation from Creandum and Uncorrelated Ventures. Within the application segment, the fashion and apparel segment is expected to lead during the forecast period.

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A quarter of the population consists of foreign nationals, including many expatriates. In 2015, Frankfurt was home to 1909 ultra high-net-worth individuals, the sixth-highest number of any city. In summary, SAP BTP provides robust ecosystem that empowers enterprises with flexible integration, secure connectivity and efficient API management.

With BTP integration capabilities, businesses can streamline heterogenous data models and expand the digital capabilities. As companies continue to grapple with changing customer demands, technology has played a critical role, and we’ve been fortunate to partner with and serve people, companies, and government institutions in Germany and around the world to help them adapt. The Google Cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg and the expansion of our Google Cloud region in Hanau will help our customers — such as BMG, Delivery Hero, and Deutsche Bank — adapt to new requirements, new opportunities and new ways of working. The 4-story building is ​​10,000 square meters and was sustainably constructed with energy efficient infrastructure and adherence to our circular economy model for waste. The symbolic handover of the keys from developer NDC-Garbe, together with local government officials, took place on site yesterday. This public cloud offering on Microsoft Azure provides native integration with SAP Customer Experience solutions, which reduces the implementation effort through the use of existing connectors and built-in integration flows.

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